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I wanted to pass on these hints. I try to be creative and did come up with a couple of hints to facilitate moving. I still have not found a solution for the unpacking.I have moved many times and while I think I am pretty good at it I have made a couple of discoveries this time that may be common knowledge but I considered them revolutionary. Feel free to share with your clients who are actively involved in their own packing.

First: When packing always wear an apron with pockets large enough to hold: tape, scissors, labels, markers and what ever else is essential to you. It also comes in handy for stashing the loose change which turns up in odd places (at least at my house). This saved so much time looking for all the supplies.

Second, I put all my fridge magnets (it would, in my opinion, be worth purchasing magnets if one does not have any) in my trusty apron and when I was removing wall decor, mirrors and attached small appliances (coffee pot) etc, I attached the screws/nails to a magnet and taped directly to the item in question so there was no need to look for the screws when it was time to reinstall at the new house. The magnets helped to keep the screws/nails in place and provided more substance to hold the tape than a single nail would. I did not lose a single nail or screw.

Anyway, if this is helpful to anyone all the better. It took me 25 moves to figure it out!

Kind regards, Mary P.


You never get a second chance to make a FIRST IMPRESSION. We have all heard that one before. It is very true when it comes to selling your home. So, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. As you approach your home, note the sidewalk or pathway entrance. Is it neat and tidy, no weeds, no papers, etc.? Now are the steps solid and is the paint fresh? Is the porch tidy and freshly painted or cleaned? How about the mailbox, is it time for a new one? How about the doorbell, is it working? And all of that is before you even get inside.

Now you are inside. Make sure coats and boots are in their proper places. Make sure front entry is sparking. Assure there is no clutter on the stairs. In the living room, be sure all pillows are fresh, sometimes they have seen better days. If you have silk flowers or arrangements that are faded, it is time to part with them. Mantle should be attractive and free of clutter – there can be too much on the mantle, as on the table tops. I love photographs. To me they tell a story. When I am in a house for the first time I try to figure out who lives there and what are their interests. Photos help to do that. But use your judgement. If the photos are old and not particularly skilled in their execution, remove them. (like school pictures that show darling kids with lopsided pony tails and gaps where teeth use to be.) I love books and have way too many (but we aren’t selling our house). I worry when I see no reading material of any kind in a home and think that a zealous realtor has told them to put everything out of sight. I don’t do that, but again use your judgement. You are going to move so either get rid of them, share them with others, donate them but for the most part pare your collection WAY down (if you are like The Lindsays). Also, watch what books you have on your bedside table – Relationship books, Bankruptcy books, etc. can tell the buyers a story you don’t want them to know.

Kitchens and Baths should be sparking clean at all times and also void of clutter. Basement is a big one. Again you are moving so may as well pack it up now and throw, throw or donate . Same with the garage, clean and empty it must be on closing so better to have the buyer see it that way. I marvel at how pristine some homes are and apparently are always kept that way. The reward for that is in the selling price, and remember these are tax free dollars you gain from your principal residence.


If you are looking to do one thing to spruce up your home then painting is the answer. Whether you have recently bought a new house and are looking to freshen it up, without doing any renovations, or seek to make changes to your existing space, paint will do the trick.

Unless you have painted your home within the past three years chances are your colour scheme is a little drab and lacking interest. Most people have been slow to embrace the vibrancy of the colour trends that are hitting home right now. The strength of the tones is a shocking contrast to the tranquil neutrals that have invaded our spaces for over a decade.

Colours are coming up in apple green and eye popping pink. This doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy tins of these dramatic tones but you do need to be prepared to bring them into your home with neutrals of depth.

Implementing colour: Find a good painter and plan to vacate the premises for at least a weekend. Make sure to include all trim and doors in this project as wear and tear will show up next to freshly painted walls.

Start with one strong neutral, painting main living areas in this tone and then add colour to one or two rooms. Bring in accessories throughout the house in the accent colour.

Benjamin Moore ‘Putnam Ivory’ is a warm neutral shade with strength. As an accent paint a room in ‘Navajo Red’ and bring in accessories in this vibrant red tone, which offers a hint of orange.For a more sophisticated look paint walls in Benjamin Moore ‘Silver Fox’ and accent with ‘Gentleman’s Gray’.

For a ‘colour-me-happy’ look use ‘Benjamin Moore ‘Cream silk’ as a staple and splash ‘Cedar Green’ throughout adding hot pink accent pieces for a fresh fun look. Be sure to paint trim and baseboards in a true white to let these bold colours stand-out.When bringing in new paint colours keep old furniture in mind. If you choose a neutral shade, in a tone that works well with your existing pieces chances are the accent colour will be picked up in the furnishings as well. Choose colours wisely as you don’t want this project to be the start of many more to come…


Do you ever walk into a room and wonder what’s not working? The furniture may be lovely, the draperies stunning and the colours all flowing but something just doesn’t seem right. It could be a lack of focus. Every room needs a focal point, one area of interest that the eye is drawn to. The look of the room should evolve from this point, allowing the eye to look, with ease, from one thing to the next without feeling overwhelmed. Without focus a room will feel cluttered or worse, sterile! Natural focal points include large windows and fireplaces. Often rooms will include both of these features so one must become the more dominant point of interest. A fireplace with a fabulous painting overtop immediately becomes the center of attention. If the room has an exquisite outlook from a window this should be the prevailing feature as the eye will naturally want to drink in the beauty that lies beyond. When a room lacks intrigue on its own then the décor needs to incorporate this need.

A substantial piece of furniture, a large mirror or eye-catching artwork are all great solutions in bringing focus to a room. Place furniture to allow for easy conversation, placing seating areas across from one another, centered on the focal point. In a large space consider having two separate seating areas with two different focal points to bring warmth into an oversized room. When two seating areas are offered ensure that furniture is similar in size, pattern and texture, always remembering that this is still one room. A stunning coffee table may become the focal point for one grouping while artwork will be the focus of another. It is important that the two focal points work together and not fight for attention. As always the general rule when decorating any room in your home is that it is pleasing to you and nothing will please you more than letting a prized possession stand up and be noticed, be creative when creating interest in your home and work from a treasured piece down.

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