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The trend for simplicity looks to be here to stay but during the bustle of a holiday season, fueled by anything but minimalism, it seems that this trend is set aside for the month of December. As I prepare my home for entertaining and relaxing and enjoying the festive season I am looking to nature as inspiration for my décor. After 24 years of marriage we have hordes of carefully packed decorations in our basement and this year I think I will leave them there! We are moving in the spring and the thought of unpacking then packing them up only to pack them again for the move seems daunting, I will do my share of packing and unpacking in May. This December I am going to pick up decorations when I pick up groceries. I will get pine boughs, dogwood, eucalyptus, and holly to add merriment throughout our home. Candies are always a holiday staple in my decorating for the season; they too come from the grocery store along with a ginger bread house kit. Each vase in my home will hold a festive green bouquet. A couple of paper whites added for contrast will soften the bunch. Clear glass bowls, wine and martini glasses will hold candies and canes. My table centerpiece will be a delectable gingerbread house, made by my children, napkins will be wringed with sprigs of greenery decorated with baby’s breath and tied with red ribbons. Eucalyptus will freshen up the powder room and towels will be bundled with silver and gold ribbons. Soap dishes will hold pine cones and holly. And mirrors will be topped with swags of greens. Tall urns will carry dogwood, lights will be added for special effect. The simplicity of holiday decorating with natures offerings has never seemed more in style and being in style has never felt so good!

This season let nature go to work creating a festive environment that can be completed in an afternoon, while unloading groceries; we call this multi-tasking!


Colour and pattern can go a long way to dressing up interior spaces but they can also ruin a look quickly. The key to decorating with pizzazz is to choose colours and fabrics that blend and compliment each other, not an easy feat. Follow a few rules and you are sure to get it right.- Start with a basic colour scheme and work from there, often a neutral tone is predominate and colour is added to bring some interest into a room.- Bring pattern and colour to accent pieces so that if you tire of the look you can change it with ease. Sometimes this means adding draperies with punch, although this is more expensive than tossing some floral cushions on a solid sofa it brings excitement into a room and adds a lot of wow without going overboard.- In the bedroom you can add punch with a patterned bed skirt and decorative pillows while using more neutral linens for the bed.- In the living room you may add interest with textured solid fabrics like damasks, tone on tone stripes or tweeds. – In the dining room a table can take on a new look with a seasonal runner placed down the middle or fresh placemats and linens bought in the colours of the season. This summer look for turquoise or lime green to decorate the table with flair.- A decorative carpet will add drama and warmth to a room. If you go this route be sure to keep furniture fabrics neutral and let the floor ground the space. Be sure to buy the best quality you can afford, always remember that when it comes to carpeting you get what you pay for.- Fresh flowers always brighten a room, this summer be sure vases are always full, and have fun by bringing in a new variety each week.


As we begin a New Year, there is always talk of change but when it comes to home décor winter is a dull time. There is talk of trends and incorporating them but most people are still struggling to recover after a holiday season of over spending. The thought of pouring money into home improvements is off-putting. The cold air doesn’t inspire thoughts of taking down walls and living amidst renovation dust. This time of year, we yearn to pass time by the fire, curled on the sofa with a good book.While we cocoon, our eyes will take a good look at the living space around us and realize that now is the time to spruce things up.This New Year brings much needed excitement to home decorating and it won’t take much to jazz up your surroundings. · Start with light fixtures. The time has come to dress them up, think crystal, jeweled, silver and gold. The simplicity of days gone by is crying out for some decoration; nothing adds sparkle to a room better than a stunning chandelier, wall sconce or lamp.· Start a collection. Clutter-free living is making way for conversation pieces. Head out to antique markets and look for objects of interest to dress up table tops and bookcases.· Fill empty wall spaces. Find art in the unusual. Old maps, calendars from years gone by and of course family photos, old and new, make for wonderful framed artwork.· Introduce an unusual item into your home. A chest to replace a basic coffee table, interesting fire tools, an antique mirror above a clean-lined bathroom sink, an umbrella stand in the front hall, are all decorative items that add flair to basic décor.· Pick up some new coffee table books to not only add interest but give you even more reason to stay inside and nest!


It is the time of year when I find myself staying inside my home more and reconnecting with my space. I always have a critical eye as I look around my house at this time, which is a good thing. Critique your home right now and recognize that there might be a need to make some changes. As you prepare to make a few modifications keep in mind some of the rules that designers often adopt when decorating a home:


1. Three is the magic number when it comes to décor; group decorative objects in threes, balance patterns and textures by using no more than three patterns in one room.


2. Float furniture. Never push furniture against a wall unless it is a wall unit, armoire, buffet or other heavy wood piece. Sofas, chairs and even desks all look so much better with some wall space between them, this rule applies even for small space, and there should always be room to allow for space between furnishings and the wall.


3. Replace throw cushions at least every few years, if the fabric is too valuable to toss away then replace the insert to bring life back into the pillow.


4. As a rule artwork should be hung at eye level, this may need some adjustment with the scale of the room and the size of the art and the furniture.


5. Center your furniture arrangement on a focal point; it may be a fire place, a window, or even an interesting piece of furniture.


6. Always ensure that a room is decorated to enhance its use, understanding how a room is used is key to arranging furniture.


7. Not all windows need to be covered, be leery of decorating simply for decorating sake, take time to really consider what needs to be done and what is pleasing to the eye left as is. I think a stunning window with a lovely garden back drop should be left undraped if there is no privacy or lighting issue to be addressed.


8. Stay away from trends, trendy items are best in the form of inexpensive accessories.


9. Strong, dramatic colors are best reserved for rooms that are not used for extended periods of time such as a powder room, entry, or dining room. They bring color into the home without over stimulating.


10. Fresh flowers always breath life into a tired a room. 

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